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An English summary of the Årås Mill Hostel and the Årås Manor House below:

Årås an oasis in the heart of an idyllic paradise

VH_DS_1Our cosy hostel is located in beautiful county Västergötland, just outside Ulricehamn. The buildings once formed a part of Årås Estate, which dates back to the 15th century. Today the estate is run by a rural community association called Bygdegårdsföreningen Årås Kvarn.

What to do at Årås Mill Hostel?
• Stay overnight and enjoy the historic and picturesque nature.
• Hire a bike from us and set out on the narrow and picturesque country roads. A cycle map is available from reception
• Fish in one of our fine lakes; Jogen and Lönnern among others (boat and fishing tackle available for hire at reception).
Vildmarks_1• Take a hike on our beautiful WILDS TRAIL that meanders through a wonderfully varied backdrop offering some fantastic sights. Along the trail there are signs telling you the history and other things. Choose between 9km (YELLOW) or 3.5km (BLUE)
• Take a hike or bike tour on the Änglaleden trail that stretches from Årås over Hössna and back, roughly 56 km.
• See our special spring and summer programme under “bulletin board” on www.araskvarn.se
• Play golf at Ulricehamn’s or Ryfors’ Golf Club. You need to book!
• Have a swimm at ”Varpaledsbadet” 2 km from Årås at the Lake Jogen. Child-friendly!
• In the winter season you have Ulricehamn’s ski centre and the Knaggebo slalom slope in Mullsjö at your disposal.
• There are plenty of other activities available through Ulricehamn’s Tourist Information Office: https://www.vastsverige.com/ulricehamn/
• More information is available at www.araskvarmn.se
• Try out our new BARBEQUE spot on the banks of the river.
• Take a look at where the famous Swedish movie Änglagård was filmed.
• Ulricehamn’s Tourist Information Office arranges coach excursions to Änglagård country.
• For other activities in the west part o Sweden please look into: www.vastsverige.com

Årås Mill and STF Hostel are housed in buildings that once belonged to the Årås Estate. In its time it was ”the district’s foremost estate and manor”.
Its heyday was in the 16th and 17th centuries under the noble family Gyllenstierna. The first known owner was Councillor of the Realm Erik Eriksson Gyllenstierna af Lundholm, d. 1502. The estate was to remain in the family for the next 200 years. The main building from the 15th century burned down in 1792 but was rebuilt in its present style.
Erik Eriksson Gyllenstierna was married to Anna Karlsdotter. She belonged to the Winstorp family, one of Sweden’s oldest aristocratic families, who came from Winsarp in Dalum. Anna Karlsdotter was the widow of Erik Karlsson Vasa, a close relative of Gustav Vasa.
Erik Eriksson Gyllenstierna’s grandfather was Karl Knutsson Bonde, regent and king several times in the 15th century.

Erik Eriksson Gyllenstierna was succeeded by Carl Eriksson Gyllenstierna (1502) and Erik Carlsson Gyllenstierna (1541). Both were councillors of the realm. The latter died in 1586 and is buried at Kölingared Church. The old mill was built in the early 1930s by the then owner of Årås Estate, wholesale merchant Ernst Wilhelm Johansson and was in operation until the late 1940s.

After many years decay some of the buildings was acquired by the newly formed rural community association Årås Kvarn in 1983.

The association restored and rebuilt the mill with voluntary labour into a community centre with resources for renting to over 100 people. The ground floor houses a café that doubles up as a pub. The second floor has a dining room and the third floor a banqueting hall offering a range of possibilities.
The mill is rented out for a variety of uses. Conferences, weddings, recreational activities, courses, etc. Guests can spend the night in the adjacent hostel.
The association also arranges activities in the premises such as a summerHS_säteri_1 café, pub evenings, art exhibitions, theatre performances, courses and parties.

All the buildings at The Årås Manor House now under one “umbrella”
The historic old main buildings to Årås manor which also greatly had expired was taken over in 2012 by the Association Årås grinder. The association has started up the renovation of these buildings, primarily to secure further decay. The association’s goal was to re-gather all the buildings under back to “one owner” as well as in ancient times. The goal is to make Årås manor to a ”Corps de Accommodation” and thereby enhance interest in this beautiful countryside in Västergötland. There has been a constant effort to obtain financial resources to carry out the work and the work is continuously going on.
Opening times
All year around!
Reception: +46 (0)723 291151
Email info@araskvarn.se

The hostel consists of 2 buildings; the main building and “Drängstugan” (farmhand’s quarters). The main building has eight tastefully decorated rooms with a total of 28 beds in 2 and 4-bed rooms, kitchen for self-catering and a common room.
Brollopsvit_DS_1“Drängstugan” has 2 double rooms ”bröllopssviten” (wedding suite) and ”svärmorsrummet” (mother-in-law’s room) with private bathrooms and 2 double rooms with common bathroom, a kitchen for self-catering and a common room. “Drängstugan” also houses a small museum dedicated to the memory of author Wilhelm von Braun, who came from the parish and wrote a poem that was said to have inspired Alice Tegnér to write the famous Swedish children’s song “Mors Lilla Olle”.

The site nestles in beautiful surroundings on the banks of the River Tidan that flows between Lake Jogen and Lake Vållern. Lake Lönnern is not far away.

Each room has its own decorative style based on the owners and servants from the various periods at Årås Estate. Even their names have been preserved, e.g. Rålamb’s stateroom, Börrisson’s sermon chamber, Captain Svedenborg’s room, Baron Pfeiff’s sleeping chamber, etc.

The hostel is housed in a detached wing on the estate. The building served as accommodation for the miller and power station machinist and was nicknamed Mejeriet (the Dairy). Today the rooms are tastefully decorated with a personal touch and fulfil all the requirements of a modern hostel.
The hostel nestles between the two lakes Jogen and Vållern offering plenty of fishing and boat tours. There are also rambling trails in the vicinity and the chance to hire a cycle to get around on. For anyone fancying a round of golf there are golf courses roughly ten kilometres away.

Our rooms
• 12 – 2 and 4-bed rooms, a total of 36 beds.
• Modern WCs and shower rooms.
• Assembly room and common room with open fire.
• Free parking.

• Breakfast served to order – in high season only
• Bed linen for hire.
• Boat and fishing tackle for hire.
• Bikes for hire.
• Conference and banquette rooms for up to 120 guests.
• Bike and trail walking package in collaboration with the STF (Swedish Tourist Association)
• Barbeque facilities available to our guests.

karta_arasHow to get to the hostel

• From mainroad 40 Ulricehamn – Borås – Göteborg
In Ulricehamn, take road No. 46 towards Falköping. In Dalum, turn right towards Kölingared. Follow signs to Kölingared for about 15 km till you come to an intersection where it says Liared and Årås Kvarn to the right. Take this road and continue about 2km, you will find Årås Kvarn and the Hostel.

• From mainroad 40 Jönköping
Take road No. 40 towards Ulricehamn, but not all the way. In Strängsered at Rasta Restaurant and OK petrol station, turn right towards Liared. In Liared, go pass the church (the church is on the right side) till you reach an intersection with signs indicating Ulricehamn to the left and Kölingared straight ahead. Take Kölingared. After about a kilometre you come to a new crossroad with Kölingared to the right. Take Kölingared. After 4 km along this road you will find Årås Kvarn and the Hostel to your right.

• From mainroad 46 Falköping-Trollhättan-Uddevalla
Take road 46 towards Ulricehamn to Dalum. In Dalum turn left towards Kölingared. Follow signs to Kölingared for about 15 km till you come to an intersection with signs indicating Liared and Årås Kvarn to the right. Take this road and continue along for about 2km till you find Årås Kvarn and the Hostel.

• From mainroad 48 Mullsjö-Skövde or Jönköping
From the VIP roundabout in Mullsjö, drive towards Bottnaryd about a kilometre. Turn right towards Kölingared (about 12 km). Drive pass the church in Kölingared (church on your left). At the next crossroads after a few hundred meters is the signpost indicating Årås Kvarn (and Ulricehamn) to the left. Drive on for about a kilometre till you come to the next turn to your left to Årås Kvarn. After about 2 km you will reach Årås Kvarn and the Hostel.

Welcome to contact and visit us!


Hallo und herzlich willkommen bei uns!

Hier kommt ein kleiner Bericht vom ”Vandrahem” (der ”Jugendherberge”) und dem dazugehörigen Herrenhaus Årås Kvarn :

VH_DS_1Årås ist der Mittelpunkt eines wunderschönes Naturreservates, es liegt in Västergötaland 20km von Ulricehamn enfernt.

Die Gebäude haben eine Geschichte die ins 15 Jahrhaundert zurück reicht und werden heute vom ”Bauverein” betrieben.



Was können Sie bei uns unternehmen ?

  • Sie übernachten im historischen Milieu umgeben von Natur pur
  • Sie können sich ein Fahrrad leihen und die Umgebung erkunden Vildmarks_1(Änglaleden 56km)
  • Fischen Sie am Jogen oder Lönnern (Angelkarten gibt es bei uns :-))
  • Sie können den ”Vildmarksleden ” wandern ( farblich  beschilderd durchs Hochmoor, 9km (gelb) oder 3,5km ( blau)
  • Unser Sommerprogramm (Juni bis Anfang August) finden sie auf der Homepage unter dem Punkt :anslagstavlan
  • 2 sehenswerte Golfplätze (Ulricehamn und Ryfors ca.20km) können besucht werden
  • Badeplatz (sehr Kinderfreundlich) ca  2 km entfernt
  • In der Nähe befindet sich eine neue Grillhütte direkt am Jogen
  • In der Wintersaison können 2 Abfahrten mit Lift in Ulricehamn und Mullsjö (20km enfernt) und eine Langlaufpiste (Ulricehamn) besucht werden
  • Viele Ausflugtipps finden sie unter www.vastsverige.com/ulricehamn oder www.vastsverige.com

Zur Geschichte :


Im 16-17 Jahrhundert errichtete die Adelsfamilie  Erik Eriksson Gyllenstierna von Lundholm das Herrenhaus , das 1792 bis auf die Grundmauern brannte und dann wieder neu aufgebaut wurde. Er heiratete Anna Karlsdotter die zur Vinsarp Familie ,einem der ältesten Adelsfamilien Schwedens gehörte ( Vinsarp in Dalum). Sie war die Witwe von Erik Karlsson Vasa, einem nahen Verwandten des berühmten Gustav Vasa (nein er hat meines Wissens nicht das Knäckebrot erfunden aber wer weiss :-)).

Die Mühle wurde 1931 von Ernst Wilhem Johannson bebaut und bis in die 40 Jahre betrieben.

Nach vielen Jahren des Verfalls nahm sich der Årås Bauverein der Gebäude an.

2012 kaufte der Verein das Herrenhaus , dass in den letzten 30 Jahre in privater Hand war. Nun haben auch dort die Renovierungsarbeiten begonnen ( auch der Park lichtet sich).

Öffnungszeiten :

Das ganze Jahr : Telefon + 46 (0)723291151 wir sprechen Deutsch !

Email: info@araskvarn.se

Vandrahem :

Zum Vandrahem gehören 2 Gebäude . Alle Zimmer haben einen Namen und eine Dekoration nach Menschen die in der Vergangenheit im Herrenhaus wohnten.

Brollopsvit_DS_1In der ”Drängstugan” ( Knechthaus) finden sie im oberen Stock das Hochzeits und Schwiegermutterzimmer.

Im Paterre das Wilhelm von Braun Zimmer ( alle drei mit eigenem Badezimmer) nach dem in Kölingared geborenen Dichter von ua. ”Mors lille Ole” ( in der deutschen Literatur als Hänschen im Blaubeerwald bekannt ) .


Im Vandrahem gibt es ua. Zimmer mit den märchenhaften Namen :”Baron Pfeiffs” und ”Rålams Gemak”.

Es stehen eine gut eingerichtete Küche und ein Aufenthaltsraum zu ihrer Verfügung (Waschmaschine und Trockner sind vorhanden).

Das Vandrahem liegt zwischen zwei Seen am Flüsschen Tidan, Im Jogen und nahegelegenem Lönnern lohnt es sich die Angel auszuwerfen (Hecht, Barsch und Zander erfreuen sich am klaren Wasser )

  • Wir haben 12 Zimmer
  • 2-4 Bett Zimmer, mit insgesamt 36 Betten
  • moderne Badezimmer und Toiletten
  • Aufenthaltsraum und gut eingerichtete Gemeinschaftsküche
  • Kostenfreie Parkplätze
  • Unser Serviceangebot :
  • Frühstück ( in der Sommersaison Juni bis August auf Vorbestellung)
  • Bettwäsche
  • Boot (zum Mieten)
  • Fahräder (zum Mieten)
  • Konferenz und Festräume (für bis zu 120 Personen)
  • Wanderpaket (in Zusammenarbeit mit STF buchbar)
  • Grillhütte
  • Überdachte Tanzroutunde

So finden sie uns :

karta_arasGPS  X  6420086 – Y  1372059

Aus der Richtung Ulricehamn-Borås-Göteborg

In Ulricehamn die 46 in Richtung Falköping , in Dalum rechts in Richtung Kölingared , der Beschilderung folgen ,

nach 15 km rechts in Richtung Liared/Årås Kvarn,  ca 2 km und Sie haben ihr Ziel erreicht .

Aus der Richtung Jönköping

Die 40 in Richtung Ulricehamn aber schon in Strängsered am Rasta Restaurant und der OK Tankställe rechts nach Liared.

An der Liareder Kirche vorbei, nach 200m geradeaus ( nicht links nach Ulricehamn!) sondern  nach Kölingared /Årås Kvarn, nach ca 4 km sind Sie am Ziel.

Aus der Richtung 46 Falköping-Trollhättan-Uddevalla

Die 46 in Richtung Ulricehamn, in Dalum links nach Kölingared, der Beschilderung folgen, nach ca. 15km rechts nach Liared/Årås Kvarn abbiegen, ca 2 km und Sie sind am Ziel.



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